5th Grade Math

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5th Grade Math

Fifth grade math can be a lot of fun, but there is a lot to learn. Everything your child has done in math up to this point will become the base for him or her to build on in fifth grade. Students will even learn more fifth grade math vocabulary. Don’t worry, your child’s teacher will be there to help, but you might need a refresher course when it comes to helping with homework!

Within the topic of number sense, students will learn to expand place value, estimate sums and differences, use Roman numerals, expand on multiplication and division, and use decimals, fractions, and percent. In measurement, students will use units of measurement and convert from one unit to another in both US Customary and Metric units. They’ll explore elapsed time and calculate measurements of area, perimeter, and volume. When they explore geometry in fifth grade math, they’ll learn more about three-dimensional figures, build their own figures, and measure angles. They’ll use coordinate grids, use symmetry, and work with the properties of shapes and objects. Students will continue to work with data and find the mean, median, and mode of a set of data. Algebra includes quite a bit in fifth grade math. Students will practice manipulating numbers and variables and will work with unknown variables. They’ll identify and use the numbers and values represented between the whole numbers on the number line and fractions and decimals will used regularly.