4th Grade Math

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4th Grade Math

Fourth grade math is a level where more and more complex terms and concepts come into play. Students are capable of understanding more involved operations and will dive into things like long division. They’ll need to know quite a few math terms, and a good understanding of these will help them move along in the curriculum.

Students will learn more about expressions and equations, using them to represent number relationships and show unknown quantities. They’ll learn about properties of addition and multiplication, including the commutative and associative properties. It’s also important at this level that students have a good understanding of how to collect, display, and interpret data. They’ll need to be able to use frequency tables, bar graphs, line graphs, and stem-and-leaf plots. Knowing how to draw conclusions from data is important as well. Students will also continue to use the language of statistics and probability. This includes terms like certain and likely.

Fourth graders will learn more about the properties of shapes and will use fourth grade math vocabulary to identify and describe geometric shapes and figures. They’ll also work with lines, angles, and symmetry. Coordinate geometry becomes a bigger part of the curriculum in fourth grade and students will be asked to find and plot ordered pairs on a coordinate grid.