3rd Grade Math

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3rd Grade Math

Third grade math builds upon what students learn in the primary grades. It also takes those concepts to a new level and introduces many new third grade math terms. Here is a quick summary of some of the things students learn when it comes to third grade math.

Students will study algebra to learn the rules of operations and what symbols represent. They’ll use numeric equations and find unknown quantities. They’ll learn that sometimes you can switch numbers around, or regroup them, and the answer still comes out the same. They’ll learn more about data and statistics by collecting, interpreting, and displaying data. Students will make and read charts and graphs and compare and contrast the data that is collected. In geometry, students will learn about shapes in more detail. They’ll be able to identify and draw shapes that are quadrilaterals, parallelograms, and equilateral. They’ll be able to explain the difference between a prism and a cone. Students will also spend a lot of time working with measurement, in both the US Customary and Metric Systems. They’ll measure using inches and feet, but also using centimeters and meters. They’ll gain a better understanding of more difficult concepts like capacity and volume and they’ll learn which units to use when measuring things like mass.