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Data & Probability

In first grade, students begin to learn about data and probability. Using data in 1st grade math involves collecting information, organizing the information, and analyzing the information. Students will have fun learning to record data using tally charts. They’ll also learn to take that data and represent the information in tables and graphs. The main graph used at this stage is a picture graph or pictograph, which uses pictures to represent the values of the data. They’ll also be asked to interpret the data. They may be asked questions like,” Which has the most?” or “What did the fewest amount of students vote for?” Students will see a variety of graphs, including bar graphs, and both horizontal and vertical graphs. They’ll need to identify titles and labels and use them appropriately.

When it comes to using probability in first grade, students will mainly be asked to compare data and use math vocabulary that represents the concepts of probability. They’ll use probability words like likely, less likely, impossible, and probably. They might be asked something like this, “Is it more or less likely that it will snow in the winter than in the spring?” Or they might need to choose the appropriate word for a sentence like this, “Elephants will fly through the sky.” Likely? Impossible?